Five Common Treatment Areas for BOTOX® Injections

By: Our Team


BOTOX injections are a simple treatment known to reduce unwanted signs of aging in various areas of the face. Common areas include the forehead, brows, and lips. In this post, we will discuss five common areas we place wrinkle relaxers and how patients can keep their refreshed results long-term.

Lake Buena Vista Aesthetics is excited to offer cutting-edge anti-aging products, like BOTOX. Now, you can explore your options with our trusted professionals. Call our Orlando, FL clinic to get started today.

What does BOTOX do?

Expression lines form as a result of years of repetitive facial expressions, like smiling and frowning. Factors like genetics or sun damage can even cause these wrinkles to deepen over time. BOTOX injections work by blocking muscle movements in specific areas. This prevents lines from forming and allows your complexion to smooth out naturally.

What areas does BOTOX treat?

Dr. Nawaz can treat many areas of the face through BOTOX. However, we need to perform a skin assessment before making recommendations. During this appointment, we ask about your cosmetic goals and evaluate your skin type and elasticity. We then create a detailed and personalized treatment plan. Here are five common areas we focus on with BOTOX injections in Orlando, FL:

  • Frown lines: Frown lines are some of the first facial lines that appear. These wrinkles are vertical and tend to form in between the eyebrows. BOTOX injections can lessen the appearance of these lines.

  • Crow's feet: Crow's feet are small creases that form at the outer corners of your eyes. They can become more deep-set when smiling. BOTOX softens these lines and makes smiling feel more natural.

  • Glabellar lines (or "11" lines): Glabellar lines are vertical creases between the eyebrows. These lines often form when frowning or squinting. Dr. Nawaz can boost your confidence through simple treatments.

  • Smoker's lines (or lipstick lines): Smoker's lines appear just above the mouth. These wrinkles are not necessarily caused by smoking but can still cause cosmetic issues. Wrinkle relaxers can help decrease these lines.

  • Bunny lines: Scrunch up your nose and then relax your face. Bunny lines are the wrinkles that form around the nose when making this expression. BOTOX injections prevent these lines from forming and deepening.

How do I keep my BOTOX results?

BOTOX injections can last for many months after treatment. The effects begin to gradually fade after about four months, but this timeline may vary based on the amount used and where BOTOX was administered. Many of our patients at Lake Buena Vista Aesthetics return for follow-up appointments and experience the same level of outstanding results as before.

There are some ways to keep BOTOX results looking fresh for as long as possible. Since sun exposure contributes to aging, we encourage you to wear sunscreen when spending time outdoors. Drink water to keep your complexion hydrated and healthy. Lastly, use a trusted moisturizer to prevent your skin from losing elasticity.

Treat many problem areas with BOTOX

Crow’s feet, smoker's lines, and frown lines are common but frustrating problems for many people. Lake Buena Vista Aesthetics is proud to offer innovative treatments, like wrinkle relaxers, to smooth away unwanted creases. Explore your options with help from one of our trusted professionals in Orlando, FL. Our goal is to provide the best solutions for your skin.

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