How Long After BOTOX® Injections Can I Wear Makeup?

By: Our Team


BOTOX is a popular brand for reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles and lines. But how long after receiving BOTOX injections can you wear makeup? As with most things related to cosmetic procedures, there is no one definitive answer. Lake Buena Vista Aesthetics may recommend waiting 1 – 3 days, depending on your individual case and needs.

Our practitioners review everything you need to know about BOTOX treatment, potential side effects, and results below. We also cover common questions patients have about restrictions after BOTOX in Orlando, FL.

How is BOTOX treatment performed?

BOTOX is a minimally-invasive treatment that can be performed in just a few minutes. But before the procedure, Lake Buena Vista Aesthetics will ask about your medical history and desired outcomes. This ensures you are an ideal candidate for wrinkle relaxers.

Our practitioners may ask you to make certain facial expressions so we can see which muscles are causing wrinkles and how much product is needed to produce successful results. Once we mark the injection sites, we administer several small BOTOX injections into the targeted muscles. Patients should not feel discomfort during the procedure and are free to return home afterward.

What side effects are common with BOTOX?

After BOTOX injections, patients will experience mild redness, bruising, and swelling in the treatment areas. These sensations are temporary and should resolve after several days. They should not affect your ability to drive, work, or perform other daily activities as desired.

Lake Buena Vista Aesthetics will provide detailed information about reducing side effects, so you feel comfortable after your cosmetic procedure. We often recommend keeping your head elevated and using a cool compress on the treatment site. Be careful not to aggravate the tissue in any way.

When can I wear makeup after BOTOX?

Most patients feel comfortable wearing makeup 24 hours after getting wrinkle relaxers. Of course, we recommend waiting 1 – 3 days before applying any cosmetics to the injection sites. This gives the product time to settle and produce optimal results. Patients in Orlando, FL are free to cleanse and moisturize their skin as normal as long as the products do not contain harsh or irritating ingredients.

Are there any other restrictions after BOTOX?

Since BOTOX injections are safe and minimally invasive, patients return to most normal activities almost immediately after their appointment. However, we do recommend avoiding the following for at least 24 hours:

  • Strenuous workouts: These increase blood flow and cause more swelling in the treatment areas.

  • Blood thinners: Aspirin and similar medications may increase bleeding and bruising.

  • Alcohol: Drinking alcohol can also thin your blood and cause more bruising.

  • Saunas or steam rooms: Excess heat may aggravate swelling and cause discomfort.

  • Facial massages: Pushing or pressing down on the treatment areas moves the product around and causes uneven or unintended results.

Get great BOTOX results

Wrinkle relaxers provide safe and pleasing results when patients choose a trusted provider and follow all post-treatment instructions as given. If you have questions about BOTOX injections or want to learn about our other cosmetic procedures, call Lake Buena Vista Aesthetics for a consultation with our practitioners. Our Orlando, FL team knows how to help you look and feel your best with minimal side effects and risks.

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